Condition of the property

  • The tiled roof is from when the house was built,  just the odd repairs now and then when tiles have shifted or cracked = Weather Damage
  • Addition on top of chimney - it is beautiful but doesn't work well. The chimney will be better without it.
  • The sweeper inspected the chimney in the summer of 2022. An extra step is needed to get to the chimney more easily.
  • The drainage has not been redone since the house was built. 
  • We had a leaking expansion vessel in the 90s, that was repaired. The stains from this incident are still visible in the living room. 
  • The windows - some of them with venetian blinds - are originals from the 60s. All windows are wooden framed.
  • The surface layers of walls and floors in all rooms are worn and sometimes scuffed.
  • The large living room has a thick parquet floor, beautiful but also well worn. The other rooms have plastic flooring.
  • The house is heated with a boiler with an electric cartridge of 6-kilowatt power. The boiler runs on both electricity or by burning wood. The boiler also has an accumulator tank attached that stores heated water. We think the boiler and the tanks were installed in the 90s. The heat is distributed by water elements. These are originals. In some rooms the thermostat on the water element needs to be exchanged, for example in the living room.
  • There are two separate pipes for incoming water to the house. 
  • A heat exchanger was installed in the hall, at the beginning of the ‘00s.
  • Parallel to the boiler - using the same chimney - a wooden stove with oven is installed and can be used for cooking during blackouts.
  • The plumbing is original. The upstairs bathroom was renovated in the 70s. Its waterproofing layer and floor mat are not tight around the floor well. In spring 2022 there was a blockage that was cleared up by Swoosh, a nordic company using high-pressure flushing and root cutting on all incoming pipes. The toilet is a higher model.
  • In the cellar, there is a second toilet and there is a possibility of taking a shower in the laundry room next door. 
  • In the laundry room, there is a washing machine from the 00s. There is also the original washing machine, good for washing carpets and such.
  • In the kitchen there is a larder for storage, with a ventilation hatch. There is a combined fridge freezer and also a stove with a safety timer. There is a larger freezer in the cellar. 
  • The garage is big enough for one car. The outer door are in bad condition but the inner doors are ok. There is a separate pipe for incoming water in the garage. 

There is an old safe for storing valuables and ammunition in the former game keepers office that can be included.